Tuesday, May 3

Invisible Businesses: The Characteristics of Home-based Businesses in the United Kingdom #ukpolitics

I never thought of these. The researchers come up with some very interesting arguments. I quote their abstract:

Home-based businesses comprise a significant proportion of the small business sector. But because they are invisible, their economic significance is assumed to be minor. This paper challenges this view. The majority are full-time businesses. One in ten has achieved significant scale. They create jobs for more than just the owner(s). They are concentrated in computer-related, business, and professional service sectors. They also have a distinctive geography. Rural areas and non-metropolitan parts of Southern England have the highest proportion of home-based businesses. Urban-industrial regions have the lowest proportion. This suggests a need to reconsider the role of home-based businesses in local economic development.

More to be pushed I daresay. I think local councils are missing a trick here by not pushing this faster, further, etc. etc. This would be good for the country, the council and and and.

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