Tuesday, June 28

Universities are market places for Education

Damn right too. This idea that universities have to be isolated from the world, not concerned with the exigencies of normal economics while the taxpayer simply pays without expecting anything back is not really appropriate. The first order of business is to teach our future citizens. And if we are expecting them to pay for this education, then they have to explain what, where, how much, in which way, when etc. of the education that they receive.

So this idea is great. I quote:

If you're spending up to £9,000 each year on tuition fees, you want to know what you're getting. So how are students going to decide?

Universities from next year will have to provide "key information", helping their student customers make value-for-money comparisons.

It's a cultural shift in how universities present themselves - more best-buy tables than big philosophical ideas.

Instead of artful pictures of cutting-edge buildings and young people enjoying themselves, this is more likely to mean a pie-chart showing how many former students are now in gainful employment.

There will be data showing the earnings of recent graduates, rental costs in the area, teaching hours and student satisfaction ratings, based on the results of the National Student Survey. The student union bar might get a mention.

Excellent news

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