Sunday, August 14

Fatalism leads to more accidents in Bangladesh

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This study was conducted to see whether fatalism is an important factor in explaining occupational accidents among medical waste operatives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Data were collected using a variety of qualitative techniques and included observation, formal and informal dialogue. Sampling strategies included formal representative sampling, purposive and authoritative sampling. Employers did not supply PPE or offer training to their staff. Most workers (73%) did not wear PPE regularly, and a further 18% wore only insufficient PPE. Consequently, most waste workers (95%) reported that they had experienced occupational accidents, mostly (75%) from used needles and other sharps. These observations were associated with fatalistic beliefs among the participants, both managers and employees, who attributed these events to “fate” reflecting their perceived lack of control over such accidents. This study reveals many examples of a lack of organisational awareness that can occur within a culture of fatalism.

Quite a sad state of affairs, eh? Even if they had proper equipment, they dont wear it thinking that if it has to happen, it will happen. Inshallah. Bhagwan ki Daya Hai. I hate this bloody philosophy. God has nothing to do with it, you muppets. You are responsible for your own life, actions and rewards. And this causes problems in business clearly. There is simply no drive. Where are the unreasonable men and women who drive the productivity, quality, customer service to excellence and beyond? Not many will come up with a feeling of inshallah I am afraid. Bah!

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