Friday, September 2

Another example of state going wild

First the video

1. SOMETHING must be done, why? Did regulation stop the black cabs or regulated minicabs stop the accidents? no

2. Regulation is demanded so that people can stop others popping in.

3. Note that nobody commented on the benefits of rickshaws, the low cost, convenience, etc.

4. You need ethics to drive a rickshaw? You are kidding me.

5. Where is the issue? why are people mumbling about this? The fact that I found this on the RMT union website indicates where this demand is coming from. The Union obviously want to stop competition, which is why they are upset.

6. Taxi costs in London are one of the highest in the world, see here. Guess where they are the cheapest, in Delhi, Mumbai, Cairo etc where there are alternatives to taxi’s and many have rickshaws. Bah, same old same old

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