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Grande Strategy

Pakistan is a strange country, Kannu. It is a giant carbuncle on the face of the earth and suffers from perhaps pretty much every evil that one can think of despite so much to admire and love. First what's to love, the food, the friendship, the culture of writing and literature, the geography, the history, all that is amazing in that country.

But the very same people have constructed a monster in their country. A country which has the doubtful honour of committing the biggest genocide against it's own people in Bangladesh. A country whose view of religion has been distorted into a disgusting parody of what prophet Mohammad wanted. A country which is paranoid, corrupt and crazy like nobody's business.

This article talks about Pakistan's gran strategy. It would have been perfectly fine as long as the author would have stuck to military strategy but the clue is when the author moves into the conspiracy theories for Jewish, American and Hindu/Indian angles. Even circumcision is brought in.

This is what makes dealing and thinking about Pakistan a worry for everybody. What do you do with a country which insists on negotiation with a gun pointed to it's own head? You talk it out of it or let it commit suicide and take you with it. The world has decided to do the former but in my opinion, it is going to be a headache for much longer. It has to go through some serious internal introspection before it becomes human (yes, it's not really so at the moment and getting worse as time goes on). USA and china don't help. We have to help Pakistan help itself despite itself if that makes sense

Grande Strategy

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Grande Strategy
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Is Pakistan Preparing to Defend Herself?

Meinhaj Hussain,
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The global economic downturn appears to be never-ending. Political unrest is acute around the world. The lack of respect for international law has never been greater. Nations are arming despite the downturn and doing so at a rate that does not suggest modernization or replacement. With all said and done, this could still not spell imminent danger. But with China arming Pakistan with such urgency as to forgo its own defense needs, something appears to be happening behind secure doors, walls, guards, wire-fences and surveillance cameras.
The Chinese military-industrial complex has been busy over the last two decades at full throttle, attempting to catch-up to the West. There have been many stumbling points, including a frustrating inability to produce quality turbo-fan engines for her fighters, the loss of top Electronic Warfare (EW) and airborne radar scientists and rivalries between different corporatocracies.
The Qing Class Submarines will be among the largest conventional submarines in the world.
Displacement: 5,200 tons (submerged), 3,200 (surfaced), Length: 92 meters. (Author's estimates)
However, in 2011, China has finally reached a position where it can begin to see itself as comparable to the West in key aspects such as technology, expertise and military capability.
At the critical juncture where the successful J-10B is to enter mass production and produce a dazzling plane deploying AESA radars and other advanced military technology, we find a strange occurrence. China has dedicated its J-10B production to meet Pakistan’s pressing needs. Such a level of cooperation and collaboration is unparalleled in modern history. Not even the United States has been willing to act in a similar fashion with Israel.
The Soviet Union and United States have long had allied states but have never sacrificed their own defense needs for its allies in a similar manner. China is not only willing to send J-10Bs, 58 odd planes of which are being produced for Pakistan with special customization as per the requirements of the Pakistan Air Force, but is also handing 50 new JF-17 Block IIs with stealth technology and possibly AESA radars.
Meanwhile, the Pakistan Navy (PN) is slated for brand new submarines at financing that is beyond friendship prices and rates. Again, China’s latest submarine the Type 043 Qing Class, yet to be inducted into the Chinese navy and the pride of China’s technological and engineering elite, is being manufactured for Pakistan.
Six odd submarines, which are among the largest conventional vessels manufactured by humanity thus far and closer to the displacement of nuclear submarines, capable of firing nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and possibly a single ballistic missile are also part of a rapid program to transform the Pakistan Navy. The submarines are technological on par with anything the West can or has built with regard to conventional submarines. These behemoths and technological marvels are built on technologies that has taken over 20 years for China to develop including Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) that allows submarines to stay submerged for weeks and (possibly) pump jet propulsion, a propulsion system yet to be implemented even in Western conventional submarines.
SUBMARINES COMPARED Class Surface Displacement (tons, dived) Length (meters) Kilo (636) 4,000 73.8 Song 2,250 75 Yuan 3,600 75 Qing 5,200* 92* *Author’s own estimate
Such submarines change the naval balance in the Indian Ocean overnight, responding with the “positive asymmetry” to threats that this writer has been calling for vis-à-vis the Indian career and massive surface fleet destroyers and frigates. To complement, large nearly destroyer size frigates are also slated for Pakistan, with two Type 054 class ships to be taken out of Chinese naval use and put under the green star and sickle moon. A new class of improved smaller frigates designated F-23P and possibly larger ships in the class of the 054A are also likely to follow.
With the Qing Class, the PN will be able to pop on any side of the Indian Ocean and blow any port, city or entire states into ashes and dust. Pakistan’s nuclear triad would be complete and all discussions of seizing Pakistan’s nukes would become a story of the past.
This rapid military buildup in Pakistan post Bin Laden is unprecedented and a possible indicator of trouble ahead. It is widely believed in Pakistani circles that the United States, India and Israel (among other nefarious double-dealing nations) are looking to break Pakistan and remove the only Muslim country with nuclear weapons.
50 new JF-17 Block IIs gifted to Pakistan will join numerous others being manufactured in Pakistan from multiple factories in-country. Specifications: Infra-Red Search & Track (IRST), In-Flight Refueling (IFR), Low Observable technology, New composite airframe, HOBS missiles, superior EW.
They have argued at all levels that their elite are secular, that they have full authority and carefully planned control of their nuclear weapons. That they want to be a part of the global world and are willing to tow America’s line. But such voices have always fallen on deaf ears.
As Muhammad Asad (formerly Leopold Weiss) noted, the West has an innate hatred for Islam born from the Crusades which was the first epic in their history, and from which they saw themselves with a new identity. Just as major events in our childhood leave a lasting impression and long-held biases, the West has, and will always hold Islam and Muslims to a different standard than either themselves or all else.
Thus it is for Pakistan now to sharpen her blade and await whatever fate has in store for her. What remains to be seen is what end game is to be played in Afghanistan and how the US & friends can manage to turn this into a battlefield into Pakistan. Somebody has to be pretending to leave while pumping foreign fighters supposedly in the name of the Taliban into Pakistan. These mercenaries, often uncircumcised and thus openly indicating their origins have thus far been effectively countered by the Pakistan Army.

The Dragon’s new claws will now be serving the Pakistan Air Force. As originally analyzed by this author, 58 (and not 36) J-10Bs / FC-20s are being purchased from China. Meanwhile, India is being fully armed and prepared for a yet undisclosed role. There are an unknown number of CIA agents inside Pakistan and an even larger number of India’s RAW. To Pakistan’s west sits NATO and every brand of mercenary the CIA, Mossad and RAW can muster. To the East: India, ever present, waits with its Cold Start doctrine. All that is needed is a major false flag attack to allow India and / or NATO to find an excuse to either blockade Pakistan or attempt to attack its naval and air assets without setting of the nuclear trip wire. Meanwhile, billions are being spent to destabilize Pakistan internally.
This is where China’s ace has mattered most; a rapid modernization which will allow the PAF to field over 150 BVR capable combat aircraft in a short span of time. It will allow Pakistan to turn tables against the Indian Navy, with a capability that can effectively turn the Indian Ocean into a minefield. Pakistan and China are playing their cards wisely and the response remains to be seen. Will Pakistan’s enemies attempt to neutralize the threat before Pakistan becomes impregnable? Game, set and match.
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