Saturday, October 15

A New Charity–RISE

RISE is Rural India Schools Enterprise. I popped in for a session which explained what the charity does. I was simply gobsmacked, this lady has done some amazing stuff, improving literacy at a school in West Bengal, running some excellent social enterprise schemes in schools in the UK and and and. They now need a proper governing board of trustees to provide them with some guidance on strategy and make it sustainable. Good stuff. They also need to create a charity in India and do some more boring old stuff. So I will sit down with them to see what I can do to assist as a trustee. I think with the 100books project, and DISHA and other contacts that I can beg, borrow, steal from India, this can be a good dual country effort. I also think that using technology to spread the word, we can have a bigger impact. And I can also see few crossovers with the other charities..Quite excited about all this…

Very good team that the RISE team have, very impressed.

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