Saturday, October 1

Philip wasnt Greek, says Demosthenes

As you might heard, there is a big fight between Macedonia and Greece. Greece thinks that the Macedonians are gobbing on their proud history of Alexander and company. Macedonia says that Alexander was born in Macedonia so he is theirs. Here is one view. Its an amusing and totally ridiculous argument, but I came across this quote:

Demosthenes, (died in 322 BC) describes Philip (Alexander's father) as one "who is not only not a Greek and has nothing to do with Greeks, but is not even a barbarian from a place it would be honorable to name -- a cursed Macedonian, who comes from where it used to be impossible even to buy a decent slave" (Third Philippic 9.30f).

Pausanias, a second-century CE Greek, says "reverse that befell all the Greeks at Chaeronea" (Description of Greece, 9.6.5). Which clearly distinguishes Greeks from Macedonians.

Perhaps we need Demosthenes to walk around some more with a lantern. What a funny story. And then, in the meantime, the Macedonians tweaked Greece’s nose by installing this giant statue.

They are calling it as a Warrior Statue, lol. Naughty naughty. I quote:

"This is our way of saying [up yours] to them," Antonio Milososki, the state's former foreign minister, told the Guardian in an interview in October 2010.

Poor Greeks, they just cant catch a break, eh? Perhaps the Turks should take them over again Smile with tongue out


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