Saturday, October 22

Request for more trustees

I met with an amazing lady, Maggie Berry, who runs this outfit, Women in Technology. They try to get more women into technology and Finance and believe you me, we need more women. Its just full of boring old gits. When you keep on seeing ugly ass iggiots like me, you wonder. Anyway, spoke to her and she popped up this lovely note in her newsletter. Already had two responses and both of them are brilliant.

15. Could you be a trustee for the charity Information Technology for Children's Hospitals?
Information Technology for Children's Hospitals, IT4CH, is a 14 year old IT charity which provides technology to long term and terminally ill children in hospital. They take equipment from firms, refurbish them while training young adults (who are challenged due to drugs, domestic violence, psych problems, etc.) and give them a skill and then deploy the computer equipment to hospital schools and kids who are stuck at home. They also provide laptops for hospital teachers who are then better able to go about training bed or house ridden children. Over the past 14 years, they have contributed thousands and thousands of PCs, laptops and other IT equipment to children in more than 250 hospitals here in the UK. They are the only charity in the UK which is involved in this area. It's a fairly small charity - they have a CEO, lots of volunteers (fund-raising mainly) and a turnover of c£100,000 each year. They are now looking to improve and change direction. Rather than just give PCs and laptops to the kids they would like to see if they can extend their role and assist people undertaking research in educational technology assisting sick kids, better communications, perhaps some scholarship to research students etc. As such they would like to expand the board of trustees (currently five members) to include senior technologists who are willing to help the charity with their technology vision, assist in fund raising and thus deploy technology to really help long term sick and terminally ill children in the UK. If any senior technologists in our network would be interested in finding out more, please contact Bhaskar Dasgupta, Programme Director, GTB PCM Sales Transformation Programme at HSBC - 020 7991 0691 or 07545 236 207 or He would be very happy to have a chat/coffee with you. Alternatively if anyone has any old computer equipment, especially laptops, that they are willing to donate to the charity or if you're willing to sponsor the charity in their Christmas card appeal, please get in touch too. More information about IT4CH can be found here

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