Wednesday, November 16

Half of young Swedish mums want to be housewives: study

First the article:

As things look today, people may be comparing bad working conditions with the image of the glamourous housewife,” gender researcher Catrin Lundström told Sveriges Television (SVT).
In a survey conducted by the Swedish family lifestyle website, 45 percent of mothers indicated they wanted to be housewives.
The thought of staying home full-time to tend to household chores and children was most popular among younger mothers aged 18- to 29-years-old, with 53 percent responding that they wanted to be at home.
Among mothers aged 30- to 44-years-old, 40 percent of respondents indicated they would prefer to be at home.

But actually, only 2% of the respondents actually chose to stay at home. Primarily because of economic reasons. So well, while there is the desire, the money doesnt allow it to happen. Curious phenomena nonetheless, i would have thought that this level of desire to be a housewife was not right, specially in one of the most gender aware places in the world.

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Anonymous said...

did they ask the fathers if they wanted to be stay at home parents?

did all these women have kids the same age? parents of school age children have different priorities than parents of infants.

just asking.