Tuesday, November 1

a good versus bad manager

Dear Son

Managing people is a pain. It seriously is and it is not easy. there are thousands of ways you can adopt to impress your bosses but there are not that many ways to impress your team members. I don't think i have cracked it at all, but one keeps on trying to learn. Man management is one of the most difficult tasks to do very well.

Secondly, always remember that people don't leave companies (mostly), they leave bad managers. So just like kids and students, if they go bad, its usually the fault of the parent and/or teacher. If you have a bad employee, its usually the fault of the manager. So for you to succeed, you need to manage your people.
Finally, boss behaviour changes during tough times. As the old trite saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. In these times of recession, bad economies, increasing debt, low growth, terrorism, riots and and and, people are scared. When people are scared and fearful, then you need to be better at managing your folks. Just like when you got scared, you would come into bed and get hugged by mamma or me? or when you were mugged, you came home and were hugged and we took care of you? just like that, you need to look after your troops.

So it was with interest that I saw this link today. This is interesting

Line Managers' Behaviour During Tough Times - Your Likes & Dislikes

Qualities you admire

1. Copes well with pressure and set-backs
2. Is honest and transparent
3. Communicates well
4. Makes tough decisions after carefully thinking through alternatives
5. Translates strategy into clear goals
6. Gives consideration to ideas and suggestions
7. Is an advocate for the team
8. Delegates appropriately (without abdicating)
9. Doesn't micromanage
10. Leads by example (doesn't operate the 'do as I say, not what I do' policy)
11. Sets the standard

Qualities you loathe

1. Doesn't have the courage to deal with a difficult situation
2. Is power mad
3. Changes expectations and deadlines frequently
4. Ignores employees until there's a problem, then pounces
5. Speaks loudly, rudely and chews out staff in public
6. Takes credit for the successes and positive accomplishments of employees
7. Is a control freak
8. Lacks integrity, breaks promises, and is dishonest
9. Chooses favourites
10. Micromanages and nitpicks
11. Is a bully

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