Friday, January 27

Now there’s courage for you

Michael O’Leary, the boss of a low cost airline in Ireland says what he thinks. That its basically the state in the form of politicians and bureaucrats who are the enemies of innovation. The sheer irony that the European Commission had to setup a conference to talk about innovation. The stupidity of these morons is breath taking, which is why I don't have much hope for Europe, its currency or its future. Its a shitehole.

Guess what? He is the CEO of Ryanair, but the EU cannot pay for low cost air fares. And this is why I am paying my taxes for? WTF?


Watch the entire thing, see why these dinosaurs of the European Commission are extinct, moron and stupid. That is a good thing, but the only problem is that they will end up spending a wodge of my hard earned cash.

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