Friday, February 24

Decomposition of Bride Price

This was amusing

The list itself contains all manner of things including drinks, watches, cloths for her mum and dad, clothes for her, a separate bride price (50,000 N – the tradition used to be 30n, but getting married is a dangerously expensive business these days), food, alcohol, a goat, a 3 day party for her parents village (somewhere in the middle of nowhere) so all the usual stuff you would expect, apart from 1 item which stood out above all the rest, 5,000N which will apparently guarantee that the bride will not flirt with any other men!

You know that the dowry system is pretty heavy in India. I wonder if people who have accepted dowry can relate to this?


Mags said...

I saw the title and thought you'd come across this story: It seems even dead women have more exciting love life than me!

Bhaskar Dasgupta said...

That was gobsmacking, Mags, totally mad.

I knew about the ancestor worship business in Madagascar but this is new to me, lol

but even death doesnt seem to keep the woman faithful, lol.

but yes, I hear you about the love life business, lol. I resemble that remark, lol