Monday, February 13

Toilet Training

I am afraid I have to admit that this is quite common. When I used to work in ABN AMRO, I had a friend from HR who was based in Singapore and HK. She said that one of the biggest problems she would face was when the eastern habit of squatting collided with the western habit of sitting. Apparently all the loo seats were broken on a very regular basis. Not to mention dirty.

At Swansea, where I teach, there seems to be the same problem.

Toilet training for 18-YEAR-OLDS: University puts up posters giving foreign students lessons in how to use Western loos. Bosses at Swansea University in South Wales created the signs, which explain the proper use of a toilet, following a series of complaints and 'hygiene issues'.

The solution is simple. See this unit which is quite common in India.

Squatters and Sitters welcome. And a nice jet of water for a happy ending.

For those who are not able to spend so much, here is an ummm more basic jugadu solution.

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