Friday, March 16

America’s 10 Most Sleep-Deprived Jobs

This was very amusing, specially since my little girl has decided to change her career objective from being a doctor to a banker, specially as she thinks doctors work too long hours.

Most Sleep-Deprived
6h57m Home Health Aides
7h Lawyer
7h1m Police Officers
7h2m Physicians, Paramedics
7h3m Economists
7h3m Social Workers
7h3m Computer Programmers
7h5m Financial Analysts
7h7m Plant Operators
7h8m Secretaries

What on earth are economists doing up so late? And not sleeping? Rest I can understand. And yes, secretaries do get hammered by their bosses at all times and days, they get called up at midnight from irate bosses who are unable to find their backsides.

What about the most rested?

Most Well-Rested
7h20m Forest, Logging Workers
7h16m Hairstylists
7h15m Sales Representatives
7h14m Bartenders
7h13m Construction Workers
7h13m Athletes
7h13m Landscapers
7h12m Engineers
7h12m Aircraft Pilots
7h12m Teachers

No surprises there Smile

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