Tuesday, April 10

1/3rd of Germans are part Hindu


Over a third of Germans believe in life after death, a new survey revealed on Saturday.

Around 36 percent of Germans said that they believed life continued beyond the grave when asked earlier in April.
Considerably fewer were those who said that they definitely did not believe that they would live on. For those 28 percent of Germans, death was the end.
A further 22 percent said they would live on through their offspring and in the memories of their friends and family according to the survey, which was published in the Bild daily newspaper on Saturday.
The number of Catholics who said they believed in life after death was 10 percent higher than among members of the Protestant church. At 49 percent, nearly half of those asked who were Catholic were gearing up for eternal life, opposed to just 39 percent of Protestants.
Ironically, fewer Germans who aligned themselves with the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) said they believed in the afterlife than those who voted for the Green Party or the Pirate Party.
Around 35 percent of CDU voters said they believed in life after death, in comparison to 40 of Green Party voters and 39 percent of Pirate Party voters.

Given that belief in rebirth is one crucial element of Hinduism, and Jainism and Buddhism, it was amusing to read this. Go figure. See? I told you we are all Hindus Smile with tongue out

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