Friday, April 6

Argentina Bans Book Imports due to ‘Human Health Concerns’

lol, talk about being stupid..These Argies are really muppets. I quote

The new rules for importing books and any artwork is justified: the care of human health. At least today they justified the third vice president of the Industrial Union of Argentina, Juan Carlos Sacco, who warned that it may be dangerous "handle" a book that contains amounts of lead greater than 0.05 and 0.06 percent.

In a radio interview, Sacco categorically denied that Argentina is prohibited to import books,although the new provision of the Internal Trade Secretariat generate delays in receiving artwork purchased abroad.

With the new rules, every buyer should check the Ezeiza airport customs that the ink does not contain publications amounts of lead greater than 0.05 and 0.06 percent in its chemical composition.

"Resolution 453 is of an environmental nature," said Sacco in dialogue with radius 10, and explained that it can be "dangerous" if a book is handled with the greatest amount of lead allowed. "One fingering the book. And possibly put the finger in the language to change the blade. This is a serious step," said industry response to a question of journalist Marcelo Longobardi.

Sacco declined it locks the import of graphics. "There is nowhere in the slightest any regulatory prohibition to bring out books," he said, adding that the standard also intends to promote the production of books in the country.

"In the last five years were imported 140 thousand tons of books for $ 550 million. And in 2011 we had an imbalance of 78 percent, about $ 125 million against," Sacco explained

The Economist reports

Ms Fernández, like her husband and predecessor, Néstor Kirchner, has relentlessly pursued economic growth. This is getting harder. Public finances have fallen into deficit thanks to bloated subsidies used mainly to keep utility and transport tariffs low. As the current-account surplus diminishes, the government has imposed curbs on imports and stricter capital controls. The latest protectionist measure requires buyers of books from foreign websites to collect them personally from the airport and pay a fee of up to $80.

Guess what? no books being imported. At all. Do they want to convert Argentina into an Arab country or what?

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