Monday, April 16

My product review for a fire alarm

I bought a fire alarm and here is my review for it.

I purchased two of these lovely creatures when my prior units died a horrible death. They started making the electronic equivalent of a death rattle with a particularly irritating beep, every 20 seconds. That timing is diabolical. You wake up with a start following that high pitched beep, look wildly around and then figure out that its the poxy fire alarm beeping at you for its battery failing. So you shrug, think that you will replace the battery next weekend and try to drop back to sleep. Just as you are settling back, BEEP. !"£(!"(£"!. You get up, shivering, pick up a boot and hammer the obnoxious pestiferous unit and knock it out of the wall, leaving behind a gaping hole in the roof and a plaintively whining unit. Which you pick up and chuck outside the house. Which leaves two holes in your life, one in the roof and second the need for a fire alarm.
This unit has now been installed. What I really liked was the young lady whose voice has been captured in this unit. After installation, I poked the self test button gingerly to see if it works. It does indeed. She announces in a mellifluous and smooth voice that I am now the proud possessor of a flame. She also proudly but discreetly announces that she has identified Carbon Monoxide. And then ends the test with a bit of a cough and a discreet beep.
Installation was a breeze, used the aforementioned holes, installed the base unit, screwed in the screws while forgetting to close the mouth and thereby getting a mouthful of dry wall dust. Spat out said dust, glowered at eldest teenager son who was giggling away while holding the ladder, and then fixed the main unit after installing the enclosed 3 Duracell batteries (i have rabbits in my fire alarm, can it get better?) and removing the hygroscopic little pillow (can the rabbits use the pillows?). And then cooked some salmon to test it out. Yep, THAR SHE BLOWS.
excellent, the wife has not heard this, I am just hoping it goes off at night and then gets her going. So guys, go for it, great item, have a woman saying in a lovely voice that you have gas or heat/fire in your life is great.
Hope that helps.

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