Sunday, May 27

closures, additions, plans

Gosh, feels like I havent updated this blog for yonks, but still, some things have been happening.

  • We have unfortunately decided to close down one of the charities that I was involved in which helped children in hospital, it was simply not viable any more given the changes in technology and lack of funding. Shame, I have to admit, I was hoping to have so much done with it…but sad Sad smile
  • On the other hand, the Hillingdon Home Start is going from strength to strength, we had 3 more trustees join and we are now sustainable, agile, mobile and fun times indeed.
  • We are going to hold a nice little celebration of our wonderful volunteers, who help the families in need, a big big fuss needs to be made of them. Here is a sample of feedback we received for our wonderful volunteers. A big big thank you for them


  • We also have now got a nice little website going for the charity, it should be launched pretty soon, I am quite chuffed about it.
  • You know i was volunteering to several charities to see if they needed a photographer, but both came back and said no Sad smile. they already have too many photographers helping, drats. I was so looking forward to it.

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