Thursday, May 17

Microchip humans who are dangerous

Well, if they can do it to dogs, presumably they will also do it to Humans? I quote:

Millions of dog owners could be forced to pay for microchips for petdogs under plans to be announced next week. Ministers are expected to call for every newborn puppy to be fitted with a device that stores information about the dog, its breed and contact details for its owner.

The information would then be stored on a central database available to the police and the RSPCA, which the government believes would make it easier to track and prosecute owners of dangerous dogs. A consultation on whether to introduce compulsory microchipping in Wales is due to be launched later this year.

Charities campaigning for better laws to tackle the problem of dangerous dogs have welcomed the changes, but concerns have been raised that while many responsible owners will shoulder the cost – between £20 and £30 – owners of dangerous dogs could choose not to comply.

This is a classic case of government impotence. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. there are people who keep dangerous dogs, just how is this microchip going to stop them? You will end up prosecuting the owner anyway, no? And just how difficult would it be to fry the microchip? a short answer is given here from here.

If I had this problem, then I would want to destroy the chip immediately. The best way to do this is with radio frequency interference. Using a microwave gun would work, but it would also hurt the dog. The other way is to build a moderately powered radio transmitter to fry the chip by putting too much power through it. Unfortunately, you would need to tune it to the frequency of the chip, so it would be hard to accomplish. However, you can make a transmitter that will transmit on all frequencies. The easiest way to do this is with a spark gap transmitter. This means using a high voltage, high frequency power supply, discharging it through a spark gap, and grounding one end while attaching a directional antenna to the other and pointing it at the dog. The dog will not be hurt in the few seconds that it will take the chip to be destroyed, and there will be no way to detect that the chip was intentionally destroyed. The downside with this idea is that you will need to build a rather powerful high voltage power supply that may generate unsafe currents.
Here are some schematics:

this is ridiculous.

This is another way of thinking about the universal ID system in the UK (which was stopped) and India (where its still going on). I would guess this would be faster and easier.

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