Wednesday, July 18

Killing the future

You must have heard about how the Islamist rage boys are rampaging around in India, Yemen,  Afghanistan and Pakistan, blowing up schools and poisoning girls? Here is a good article on what happens when schools are targeted. So the solution?

First punish the bastards. I quote:

To this end Zama Coursen-Neff, chairperson of the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack and children's rights director at Human Rights Watch, has welcomed the inclusion of parties guilty of attacks on schools on the UN's new "list of shame".

She said: "From now on, warring parties who target schools, students, and teachers should know that they will land on the Security Council's radar and could face targeted sanctions."

The Security Council may also refer them to the International Criminal Court for investigation and possible prosecution.

Second tack, try the soft approach:

The other avenue is to ensure better steps are taken to prevent the targeting of education and ensure timely recovery once conflicts are over.

The global Education Cluster, a UN body that co-ordinates and guides education responses in conflicts and other crises, is working with humanitarian agencies and government officials in countries affected by conflict to pilot training in how to protect education.

Measures include improving community defence of schools, encouraging armed forces and armed groups to avoid using schools in the battlefield, changing unfair education policies that provoke ethnic tension and can make schools a target for attack.

They could also change the curriculum to ensure that education works for peace and ensure adequate support is provided to help children and teachers cope with stress and trauma.

At a piloting session in Pakistan, education and development officials simulated negotiations between leaders of a village, teachers, religious leaders and the local Taliban commander.

Their mission was to reach agreement that locals schools should not be blown up - or attacked in any other way.

More than 1,200 schools have been damaged or destroyed in their country in the past few years and mostly in the north-west, where Taliban groups have been fighting the Pakistan army and retain a strong influence in some areas.

Unbelievable, 1200 schools targeted. What kind of children are going to come out of that area in Pakistan for the next generation?

Did you know that 258 schools have been destroyed by Naxalites in just 3 states in 2011 in India? Not that the schools were good in the first place, but at least something is better than nothing.

Still, going after these morons and bastards is good. Ideological morons, these Islamists, Naxalites and and and. May their groins be infested with hungry dung beetles

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