Wednesday, August 15

The second most popular sport to commit suicide

When I went to Beachy Head and took loads of pics, I noted that it was the third most popular place to commit suicide, 20-25 people die there every year. The first is the Golden Gate Bridge in SF but the second place in the suicide lists is Aokigahara Forest at the bottom of Fuji Mountain in Japan.

Suicide (something that I am quite close to) and death is a fascinating human phenomena. It is very powerful and leaves behind swarms of emotional strands which make those places very very interesting. Which is why I love pottering around in cemeteries and tombs. The arrested life, the sheer pain, the regrets, the tears and cries.

This documentary is about a nature guard who goes about in the Aokigahara Forest, trying to dissuade people from committing suicide or cleaning up the place. The cinematography is absolutely brilliant, its like you are there almost. You can feel the flies buzzing around and if you sniff deeply with your eyes closed, you can almost catch a whiff of corruption amidst the sunbeams, mossy tree trunks and brilliant green foliage. Very sensitively done.

Warning, please do not see this if you get upset with gory photographs or matters relating to death.

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