Saturday, September 29

More clowns at the gate

So for some reason, the All India Christian Council has seen fit to include me on its mailing list. I tell you, the chaps who run this are basically clowns. If I was an Indian Christian and I was going to rely on these muppets to represent me, I would convert to being a Muslim. Or give it up completely. Here is an example of their utter stupidity.

A book on Dalits by a Christian Author has won an award. I quote:

New Delhi, September 27, 2012 - Noted Indian freelance journalist and human rights activist Oliver D’Souza has won the prestigious London Institute Of South Asia (LISA) Book Of The Year Award for 2011-12 for his book ‘Truth About Dalits’ conferred at its annual Seminar and Book Award ceremony.
Drawing from a short-list of global entries for the award, the award committee narrowed down on ‘Truth About Dalits’ as the winner for the award. Commenting on the criteria for conferring the award, Saeed Ismat Director of LISA said “ Oliver D’Souza has done a commendable job writing such an analytical and unbiased book on the Dalits. The institution considers the book of great value."
“The Truth about Dalits' is an eye opener and a remarkable research work. The author has spoken the truth with no prejudice, favour or fear.”
Truth About Dalits was first published as an Ebook and later on as a hardback by the institute itself and has received outstanding reviews from activists, scholars, academicians and critics alike.
The earlier Indian winners of the award include renowned writers, thinkers and ideologues Dr V T Rajshekar (2005) and Dr Kancha Ilaiah (2008).

previous winners were these two worthies? hahahahahah

So who is this London Institute of South Asia? Quite a good body, and I quote:

At the London institute of South Asia (LISA) we are determined to combat the tsunami of disinformation and propaganda brainwashing our minds so successfully. LISA is mindful of the influences corporate controlled mainstream media bears on the ordinary mind. At LISA we do not seek assistance or support from any foundation, government, or mainstream media since they are driven by their corporate masters or their specific agendas. We have reasons to believe that mainstream media is controlled by governments and owned by corporate elite and world bankers. It is not just a commonly known fact but a historical and universal truth that government secret agencies (either your own or that of foreign powers) have managed to exercise leverage in mainstream media in order to deceive the public at large and to further their agenda with full impunity.

We are an independent voice determined to speak the truth and provide an alternative source of information and ideas for our readers. LISA needs your support in that we are looking forward to benefit from your candid view and your efforts to spread the truth wherever and how- so- ever you can.

heh, the board of directors has Mr. Rajshekhar, and yes, that’s right, this LISA awarded a prize to one of its directors. Once you trawl through the site, its clear that this is a Pakistan hosted and sponsored site. Its verbiage against India, Dalits, Assam, etc. etc. are fulsome but does it have anything about the Baloch? nope, anything about the Northern Areas? nope. Nothing about Christians in Pakistan or the Hindus there.

Just click on some of the news items on the LISA site, they even have a story from George Galloway saying that the Syrian Rebels are on the side of the Crusaders. Now you see why I think the AICC are clowns and morons? To associate with dictators, army people and most importantly George Galloway and and is stupid.

But good for a laugh, how amusing. Every time Madhu Chandra sends me one of his PR’s, its great for a giggle. What a bunch of muppets.

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