Tuesday, October 9

Nigella Lawson: Erotic?


This is a story about a lady who cooks. We have her books, we watch her show and we discuss her. So you can read about her but I wanted to mention why I like her. 

She is what I would call as a zinda dil. A live heart. A person who lives life to the full. As you can read about her, she has had some pretty awful experiences but she comes across as somebody who has made peace with those sorrows and she enjoys life to the full. That's the crucial element son, totally enjoy fully whatever you do. And don't give a shit about what others say. You will constantly have people (including your parents) who will keep on telling you what to do but like nigella, be confident and just do it. She is beautifully plump during a time that women are desperate to be stick thin. She tells them to bog off. She does what she does with passion and verve and thoroughly enjoys being her own self and decadent. 

I try to be the same, unfortunately have seen far too much death and destruction, read too much about cruelty and pain and betrayal and and and. I was speaking to somebody yesterday who was a bit unlucky in their life and company and I said, I trust and have faith in mankind. 95% of the time, my openness, happiness, faith, love, passion, fun and games is returned. There are some who betrayed me or are depressing or what have you but keep loving and living life to the full son. 



Nigella Lawson: Erotic? Ms Lawson furiously denies she dishes up food porn | Mail Online

Nigella, Goddess of Pleasure: Erotic? How dare you says a caramel dripping Ms Lawson who furiously denies she dishes up food porn…

By Catherine Ostler

Last updated at 8:54 AM on 8th December 2011

What an exquisite riposte to those who criticised her for wearing that frumpy burkini on Bondi Beach: Nigella Lawson has posed for a magazine cover, heavily made up and looking ‘rapturous’ with salted caramel sauce dripping down her face.

That pale penguin-lookalike, photographed in a full cover-up against the late-summer Sydney sun, is ancient history.

Nigella, on the cover of the free magazine Stylist, has become a human toffee apple. They should release the image as an Athena poster for hungry men everywhere.

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