Friday, November 2

The hair trade's dirty secret

I'm not really sure why the author of this article calls it a dirty little secret. Selling hair is no different to me selling my services. But think about the hypocrisy son. If I had long hair, then I can sell it very easily but if I try to sell my blood or say my sperm or my kidneys, the sky will fall in. Such is the amazing stupidity and intellectual incoherence of humans. 

Still interesting reading. I do like long hair :) even if there is the possibility that it could be fake. There's nothing like brushing a girls long hair to really know her. I wish there was something else I could say about long hair and women but I better not :)



The hair trade's dirty secret | Life and style | The Guardian

A woman donates her hair for auction at the Tirumala temple in India

A woman donates her hair for auction at the Tirumala temple in India. Photograph: Jns/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Graham Wake is hardly looking at me but one glance is enough. “I could pay about £75 to £100 if you had a pixie cut,” he says briskly. “If you went for a short bob I’d give you £40.” It’s not often you get paid for a haircut, but Wake’s business, Bloomsbury Wigs, now relies solely on hair sourced from the heads of women in the UK. Each week 30-40 envelopes stuffed with ponytails arrive at his office. Every day, one or two women visit to have their hair valued, cut off, and restyled. Some are bored with long hair, others need the money, and a few are raising money for charity.

Wake says he prefers paying a fair price to women in the UK to buying hair from agents, and that 90% of the coils piled into the transparent plastic boxes that surround him are used to create wigs for people who have lost their hair. The rest are for hair extensions, which is what my locks could become. “If your hair was any curlier, we couldn’t take it,” he says. “It would just matt after a while, but as it is I could use it.”

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