Friday, January 25

Black Men more likely to be in prison than married or college educated

Forget the esoteric discussions about statistics…This is what is extremely worrisome

“….others have been arguing for a long time that incarceration is by now a modal event in the life-course for young black men. Black men are more likely to go prison than complete college or serve in the military, and black, male, high-school dropouts are more likely to spend a year in prison than to get married. “

What kind of a society are we bring up? In 30 years time, what will these people and their children do? And its worse

… incarceration is so common in some sociodemographic groups that there are few comparable individuals in the population who have not experienced incarceration. The ubiquity of incarceration among low-skill black men undercuts research designs that require comparison groups to isolate the effects of incarceration from other factors like race, low education, or living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. A significant body of causally oriented research uses quasi-experimental designs … that compare the outcomes of inmates or former inmates with similarly-situated individuals who have not been to prison or jail. There is no valid comparison group for many of America’s inmates exactly because incarceration now inheres in whole sociodemographic groups ..

What are we talking about here? that there is nothing we can do? because they simply do not know any other way of living?

Its a similar discussion about the hundreds of thousands of families here in the UK where nobody has EVER done a bit of job. What kind of kids will come out of these families? There are QUARTER OF A MILLION kids in these families. What is the upbringing they are getting?

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