Thursday, February 7

How mentors help..

A great article on how mentors help..I will just quote a bit

How Are Mentors Valuable to You?

Mentors are helpful because, in addition to expertise in their field, they have a network of business professionals and, most importantly, they are willing to share what and who they know. People who mentor are likely to have had mentors at some point who helped them understand their industry better, hone their strengths or sharpen skills.

The mentor/ mentee relationship is a symbiotic relationship. "It is important to remember that this is a two-way relationship. While you are looking to benefit from the mentor, you are also looking to help the mentor," says Imad Lodhi, a veteran of IBM and the outsourcing industry.

While many times the mentee seems to get the better part of the deal, the person doing the mentoring gets something out of it, too. He or she can directly impact another person's life for the better. "By helping another person succeed, you help create a brighter future for all of us, and gain the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference in someone's life," Lodhi says.

That said, mentees should also do what they can to help their mentors. For example, a younger mentee may be more knowledgeable about building an online brand or being a social influencer. Sharing your knowledge is one way to contribute to the relationship.

I have the privilege of having some great mentors and the reverse as well. This week, had a good session and met up with several new mentees and students. I asked my friends, what is a group of mentees called and these were some of the suggestions:

  • telemachi
  • mentos (womentos as well..)
  • mentees gmbh
  • coo
  • cuddle
  • consultation
  • tutelage
  • gurus
  • classment

heh, nice one, but it is nice to be in this kind of a relationship and help them..

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