Friday, April 26

Democracy and Terrorism - Percolator

An interesting thesis son. And makes sense. The rise of the far right in the uk and other European countries is an indication of how all this intellectual and civilising aspects of European culture can be torn away quite easily. 

One to remember and will be useful for your essay. Terrorism and wars have an economic cost! 



Democracy and Terrorism - Percolator - The Chronicle of Higher Education

erica chenoweth

Erica Chenoweth, U. of Denver

San Francisco — If you’re looking for a conversation starter, calling your next book “Why Democracy Encourages Terrorism” would probably work. The idea behind the provocative title goes like this: Democracy allows interest groups and political parties to flourish, which then leads to competition. Among those groups that feel most marginalized in the ensuing din, some take extreme measures in the pursuit of attention.

In other words, the conventional wisdom that democracy is the antidote to terrorism—because it provides outlets for people’s grievances—is completely wrong.

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