Wednesday, November 20

Bits and bobs on the charity front

So have been fairly active over the past month, but didn't get a chance to blog. Lets see

  • We are working on improving the international scope and scale of helping with the anti rabies campaign at the Mayhew. Its a challenging business, so many developing countries do not have good infrastructure to cater for this. My uncle died because a dog bit him. Find it so bit personal. So we are trying to see if we can expand the work in various countries ranging from India, Russia, Peru, etc. etc.
  • And it just infuriates me when I read about animal cruelty. Bastards. See our latest appeals on abandoned animals.


  • What else? Well, had a nice chat with the LSE Enactus students. We are going to work together on hopefully three projects. (1) to help improve the data mining at the Mayhew, (2) to see if we can put together a training pack for families with young children in distress for savings and reduced spending for the Home Start Hillingdon charity and (3) help with the School in India with funding, libraries and stuff. It was humbling to see the excitement in their faces and the passion with which they approach life. Beautiful. Truly a fire to be lit.

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