Friday, December 13

The Writer Who Built the World’s First Engine-Powered Submarine

What a man. Quixotic yes but there's a man with a vision. Truly before his time son. Somebody who can achieve much! He failed to operationalise his submarine but he is remembered for being unreasonable and not taking no for an answer. And then he was a writer fighting for what he believed in. 

And a wonderful happy birthday to you son. You're 18 now. A man in all senses. My prayers are with you for you to have a happy life son. 



The Writer Who Built the World’s First Engine-Powered Submarine

Narcis Monturiol loved the ocean’s corals so much, that he built a machine so he could better enjoy them

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A man cannot one day just decide to build a submarine, much less the first poweredsubmarine, much less if that man is a writer. Yet that is just what Narcis Monturiol did.

As a young firebrand of the mid-19th century, Monturiol flirted with inflammatory subjects including feminism and Communism, placing him under the watchful eye of an oppressive regime. When he fled to Cadaqués, an isolated town on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, he found a peaceful fishing village where he could expand on his ideas of a Utopian world. It turned out that Cadaqués would also be the inspiration for his biggest idea.

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