Friday, January 10

Thinking ahead

So Diya has now recently turned 10 and now she is going to move into the next phase of her education :)

I am starting off with her financial education like I did with Kannu, my target is for her to start operating her own stock brokerage account by the time she is 13 years of age and hopefully she will get sufficient money put aside for funding her own education for some time at least. We sorted our Kannu’s educational expenses this way :)

Career choices change dramatically when you are young. She previously wanted to be a doctor but then she said that it requires too long hours and she wouldn't have fun. So she wants to be an illustrator / graphic designer at the moment with second option to be a scientist. We have had some long conversations on this and she asked me to send her a list of universities which may be appropriate for her. I've got a monster at home..:) Here’s what I sent her.



As you requested, here are the top universities which offer undergraduate bachelor degree courses in graphic design, computer aided design, illustration. Etc. they all are in the top so doesn’t really matter which is number 1.

· Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

· Royal College of Art: (this only offers postgraduate courses, sweetheart, so you will have to wait)

· Stanford University :

· Oxford University:

· University College London:

· Cambridge University:

· Harvard University:

We have some time before you enter but its good to start looking at the courses and read up on them, so that you can decide if or when you want to do these courses or something else J

And here is the web address for Caltech

if you wanted to do a PhD in Physics, again those universities above will allow you to do a bachelor and master’s degree J

and don’t worry about money, sweetheart, we will take care of it J



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Martin Campbell said...

Is Santiago Calatrava a graphic artist, designer, architect, engineer, or scientist?
Is he more than one of these things?