Tuesday, February 4


Here's a question which you may want to ponder son. Why haven't we won? In Afghanistan? We have everything no? Money, materials, technology, intelligence, and And and. 

How have a bunch of low intensity low tech people managed to defeat at worst and keep at bay at best the best equipped militaries in the world? 

This has happened before most famously in Vietnam where they defeated not one but two armies from France and USA. 

Not easy to define or explain. The Taliban learn. We don't is one good reason. We get too comfortable son. Rely on technology and think that will protect and allow us to win. Wrong. 

Being paranoid helps. Always learning helps. Others aren't stupid. They are learning. And as this example shows, you pay for it with blood. 

The moon and cheap cameras defeated the Americans and Brits in this battle. 




18 September 2012


Last Friday night, the moon phase left Afghanistan in near total darkness.  Even with clear skies, the enemy knew that at the brightest moment, the moon would only appear as an irrelevant orange sliver.  Such times are called “red illumination,” or “red illum.”  Planning calendars in Afghanistan highlight periods of red illum because they hamper aviation.

Even though this is the year 2012, and the Curiosity Rover is beaming images from Mars more than four decades after astronauts first trod on the lunar surface, the moon phase remains important when planning operations.  The moment that the nighttime attack on Camp Bastion was reported, the moon phase could have been safely guessed without looking up.

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