Monday, March 10

History of Singapore


Here's a short history of Singapore. I will be going there again this year and may well have you join me when I'm there. 

It's a lovely place. Bit humid and far too planned but nice place. Very good food. Very good indeed. Lovely place to walk around and see people, the zoo and the architecture. 

But to know a people you need to know the country's history kids. Singapore is one of the places where a strongly technocratic meritocratic government and society had taken root with a dose of authoritarism. And in return for giving up some of their freedoms, the Singaporeans have managed to have a very good economy. But societal divisions still happen. Recently there were riots in little India. The Malays don't speak to the ruling Chinese. Not that much anyway. Not that there's much to talk about eh? :) 

Interesting times. And good places. 



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History of

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Early history of Singapore (pre-1819)

Founding of modern Singapore (1819–26)

Straits Settlements (1826–67)

Crown colony (1867–1942)

Battle of Singapore (1942)

Japanese Occupation (1942–45)

Post-war period (1945–55)

Internal self-government (1955–62)

Merger with Malaysia (1962–65)

Republic of Singapore (1965–present)


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The history of Singapore dates to the 11th century. The island rose in importance during the 14th century under the rule of Srivijayan prince Parameswaraand became a port until it was destroyed by Acehnese raiders in 1613

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