Tuesday, March 25

Stepping off the Beaten Path by Saying No!

Here's a blog entry from somebody who is hoping to retire early. Fascinating stuff. About how they are reducing their outgoings. I know, i end up buying too much stuff. Bad mistake your father makes, son, dont make my mistake.

Kids are expensive, son, and one which you have to explore, but then, i think you have given me so much pleasure and happiness that if I had to spend 4 times on you, it would be cheap. But then, you may have different views, not everybody wants or likes children.

We are economic beings son, and our behaviours are driven quite often by economics. Having a child or not can, in many cases, driven by economics. One very commonly cited example is the change in fertility rate when recessions happen.
Still, good for you to think about how to reduce your outgoings...




Cee Aar is a Canadian in his late twenties who is on his early retirement journey. He has resisted (or plans to) convention in some ways and stops by to share his story of bucking the trend.

Going by Jacob’s list of common things that are classified as essential by most people, I live without a few or plan to avoid some in the future. However, one or two from my list below are bound to change and link me to the conventional kind in those aspects.


A few years back, when I was doing my post graduation, I shared an apartment and we had a television in the living room. I remember watching late night movies, shows like Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, etc. After graduation, I landed a job and moved out. Initially, I was looking for atleast a used TV to watch the news (yeah, since we live in the 1960s that there is no other avenue to get information). I put the word out to my friends but never looked at online or newspaper classifieds myself. As time passed, I started to question why needed a TV. The first few months without one did not seem to affect my life in a negative way. I still had access to many shows online if I wanted to watch them and I found other interests to keep me occupied. I couldn’t care less about a TV anymore!

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