Tuesday, March 18

The lost pages of ‘Longitude’

We have the book. And we went to see the clocks as well at the Greenwich museum. Harrison was a brilliant man son.  We also have the clockmakers museum in the guildhall in london. Small museum. Just about 2 rooms. But then you don't need that many rooms to show tiny watches and clocks. We also saw a large clock in the Salisbury cathedral if you remember? I've also seen large sun dials son, in India and elsewhere.
Time is a funny old thing. Did you know Indian mythology has the longest unit of time? Called as Kalpa? 4.3 billion years. It's mentioned in the Mahabharata and the Vishnu Purana. Both books are at home but perhaps you don't want to read the Bhagwat Purana at the moment. It's more than 1000 pagers. Fascinating book. Can you imagine the imagination of the old chaps who could imagine the concept of such a long period of time? Reach deep into the concept of time and it becomes indistinguishable with questions of space and humanity.
From a mathematical and physics perspective son, time is very difficult to describe. Very complex. If you have read the work done by various geographers and mathematicians including say somebody like Isaac newton in his principia mathematica, you'll see how they have represented time.
So representing time in a clock itself is very complex. And then it comes to longitude. This link takes you to a chapter which wasn't in the book. And talks about the tragedy of la salle. The man who founded Louisiana and came down the Mississippi and and and. Fascinating.

I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:
Financial Times,
The lost pages of ‘Longitude’ by Dava Sobel
By Dava Sobel
Dava Sobel’s account of the struggle to accurately measure longitude was a global bestseller. But one short chapter from her original manuscript was never published. Here, introducing that missing fragment, she remembers her own dramas at sea and marks the 300th anniversary of the act that helped the world find its way
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