Monday, September 29

Islamophobia and Its Discontents | The Nation

Couple of things here son. First islamophobia exists. People are genuinely and irrationally afraid of Islam and Muslims. Not a new thing, fear of the other has a long history son. People have hated Jews, dark skinned, anybody who is different. So one has to protest against this islamophobia strongly. 

That said, this lady protests a bit too much if you look at her examples. Those jokes are ethnic jokes and rather than islamophobia this exhibits thin skin and lack of sense of humour. So not convinced  with her argument. 

Just like many countries like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia are trying to stop any debate or discussion about Islam claiming that Islam cannot be criticised or debated. Sorry, that's not islamophobia. Islam is just yet another way of thinking. It's not sacred that I cannot debate and disagree with it. But that doesn't mean I hate it's adherents. Wrong thing. 

There is much to know and love in Islam as there is to detest and despair. Just like in Christianity and Hinduism. 



Islamophobia and Its Discontents | The Nation

Thirty years ago, no one outside the halls of academe had heard of Islamophobia. Yet today it is virtually impossible to open a newspaper without encountering either the term or an argument against its use. The word began to appear in print in the late 1980s, when Muslims in Western countries—people of starkly different racial and ethnic backgrounds—began to notice similarities among their experiences with hate, intimidation or discrimination. But almost from the start, there was a parallel effort to discredit this neologism: it was assailed as a fiction, at best the product of a culture of victimhood and at worst a very dangerous myth. Thus we have Islamophobia and “Islamophobia,” one with currency on the left side of the political spectrum and the other a common target of the right.

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