Friday, October 10

Jaywick provides fertile ground for Ukip’s anti-politics


A fascinating move is happening in the UK but the same behaviour is being seen in most of the developed countries. That's the rise of the underclass. The poor. The left behind. The white majority. The tea party in USA. The northern league in Italy. The national front in France. The alternatives party in Germany. The true Finns in Finland. The anti immigration Swedish democrats in Sweden. And then the UKIP here in the UK.
You see son, the political system we received in the 20th century has left behind a large number of people who aren't up there. There's some very rich people. Then there are the professionals upper class and middle class who are the lawyers bankers teachers nurses etc etc. And then the rest of the socio economic class. It's this very large lower socio economic class which is seriously fucked off. And are supporting these parties. Why? Because they don't have jobs. Technology has ensured that basic processing and manufacturing or farming jobs are no longer available to soak up these people. So the governments thought that they will provide welfare to keep them quiet. But then they started to run out of money so the welfare state is starting to be shrunk. And when this happens, the proletariat starts to complain.

So what do you do? In my view son, you need leaders who are brave and can tell some seriously clear messages. Secondly the only way to fix the problem of the underclass is to fix two things. 1. Fix the educational system so that they get the right education. And 2.  Make it easy to setup business. Make it easy to get funding. Land. Shops. Equipment. Training.

Basics son. People forget the basics. You're so lucky that you're in the UK but you and your children need to address the problem of the underclass. At our Homestart charity that's what I'm trying to do. Improve their financials. Make the family stay together. Get them jobs or get them to setup their own business.

And then there's immigration. I'm an immigrant. So I'm biased. Also the nation state isn't going anywhere. So you have to have utmost loyalty to the UK son. No questions asked. This country has been good to me and you and you need to give something back to it. But immigration is an emotive subject and yea the populace's views need to be taken into account. If not they will react badly. Europe doesn't do immigration well son. Down history, Europe has mistreated and massacred immigrants left right and centre. So one has to be very careful about letting the immigration genie out of the bottle son.

I don't blame the UKIP like others do. Understand them. They have a legitimate reason to complain. And you as a future leader and citizen need to understand their complaints.

Anyway. It was good to hear you finally managed to get a good nights sleep son. Freshers week can be a rush. But you're having fun and that's more important. And all I could think about was how you're going to wash your clothes and bring back the laundry as you don't have a laundry basket. Such is the thinking of your father. From the sublime and structural political discussion to banal washing baskets. :)

Love you son. And missing you :)


I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:
Financial Times,

Jaywick provides fertile ground for Ukip’s anti-politics
Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent
The Clacton suburb of Jaywick is the most deprived place in the UK
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