Wednesday, January 21

Greetings from New England’s Gun Valley

You know my views about guns Kannu. They are dangerous items and just like dangerous chemicals and stuff like that, one has to treat them with care and to be avoided as far as possible. 

But this story is about the men and women who make rifles and guns. I found the anecdote about the manufacturer unable to find good people quite accurate. Despite huge unemployment, finding good people is a serious pain. 

Still a good story about gun making. 



Greetings from New England’s Gun Valley - -

Globe magazine

This story is from, the only place for complete digital access to the Globe.

LENNY LARIVEE has spent 68 percent of his 69 years on this planet doing the same thing: making guns. And he’s made them all for one company, Savage Arms in Westfield, just off Exit 3 on the Mass. Pike. He’s tall and bald, with a voice that is low and a speaking style that is John Wayne-slow. He is also a cantankerous character. Newcomers who stop by his bench expecting to find a senior statesman are usually startled to hear his opening line: “You don’t like what I say? Stay the eff away.”

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