Wednesday, February 11

Private Ceremonies


Abortion is a right that I fully support. Totally without reservations. Men cannot and will not ever understand what women go through pregnancy and the reasons women like to go ahead or terminate are their’s to decide. All you can do is to hold their hands and pray for the best. Don't ask too many questions. Just be there for her. Whatever she decides and whatever you feel. It's not for you to debate this. 

It's heart wrenching for the man as well but you can deal with it. It's not important when you compare with what the woman is going through son. 

Just be there. Rub their backs. Get icecream for them. Quietly listen to them biting your head off. 

Cry if you will. In private. 



Private Ceremonies | Vela

I had only a minute while I waited for the doctor to meet my patient. I grabbed a plastic cup and a pregnancy test from the lab and slipped into the bathroom. This is one of the perks of working at an abortion clinic – all the pregnancy tests you can take. My husband Jeff and I had been trying to get pregnant with our second child. But every month when I placed those two drops of urine into the reservoir, the results had been the same. One stripe. Negative. I steeled myself for the same.

I stood at the bathroom sink, watching. The two minutes it takes for the sample to travel from reservoir to top of the test seemed like hours. Finally, faintly, a second stripe shadowed the first. A thrill shot through me.

I did not shout. I did not run into the hallway to announce to my coworkers my news. I wanted to race to the phone to call Jeff, but I knew I wouldn’t have time before the next surgery, and besides, I wanted to tell him in person. Mostly, I wanted to let the idea sink in. I pressed my hand against my lower belly, as if to give my little zygote a welcoming hug. Still, as happy as I was, I was also afraid.

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