Thursday, February 26

Why it’s so hard to be a business leader in India


Son you have some inherent advantages. Amongst many others. But this one is an accident of birth. You are a descendant of Indians. You know Hindi. And culturally you have been exposed to Indian and Hindu culture. 

Now look forward the next 20-30 years. Where is the growth going to come from? And based upon the article below where is your competition going to come from? 

So how do you build on your strengths? And protect against your threats? Try to do an internship in India. Your challenge kannu is yourself. You are ferociously smart and intelligent and I'm proud of you but you aren't been tested against the brightest and best. So you're still in your comfort zone. That's why I suggested going to the USA or India. You don't have to stay there and work but have some experience. Like with SAMEER mama's firm. Or in India. Invaluable experience son. 

Think about it. 



Why it’s so hard to be a business leader in India



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India may be one of the toughest markets in the world for a global company, but this also makes it one of the best incubators for next-generation global leaders. Adversity, after all, breeds leadership. This fact is not lost on major companies like GE and Nestle, which are using the role of India head to groom their rising executives.

Yet many companies, put off by the country’s chaos and adversity, are redirecting their efforts and investments elsewhere. It’s hard to build a global business in India, and much of the success or failure hinges on getting the right leaders in place who can tackle the country’s unique challenges—the first being the structure of the market.

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