Thursday, April 2

Why 'secular stagnation' matters


A fascinating debate has been running over the past 3 days. Read this little article to get a summary. 

I've got another point here. People aren't including the impact of technology and automation. More technology and automation and more the economic activity goes outsides the purview of economic levers. 

Secondly, why isn't there any mention of productivity? After all, if you can improve productivity by doing more investments and education, then secular stagnation can be addressed. 

Anyway. Fascinating minds at work son. Hugely influential and amazing debate. Reminds me of the time I read the proceedings of the Bretton Woods agreement. Keynes was the guru then. 



I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:
Why 'secular stagnation' matters

A debate between three major economists highlights a key macroeconomic issue.

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