Tuesday, May 5

Some fascinating historical photographs


Execution by cannon, in Shiraz, Iran, mid-late 19th century

i read so many times about how the British blew mutineers apart by cannon, but this is the first time I am actually visualising the act. Quite a gory sight I would guess, and would end up leaving only the extremities intact. The British saved costs (typical) by tying 2-3 chaps at the same time unlike just one in this case.


Major General Horatio Gordon Robley with his collection of tattooed Maori heads, 1895

as one does…and then you wonder why the people hate imperialists..


Georges Blind, a Member of the French Resistance, Smiling at a German Firing Squad, October 1944

apparently USA is bringing back the firing squad. And recently Indonesia executed some drug smugglers by firing squad as well. Same old same old, eh?


Counter-protester with her daughters at a civil liberties rally by black people, Bogalusa, Louisiana, 1965

its good to see that 50 years since this photograph was taken, racism is well and truly still alive.

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