Friday, October 23

50 Collective Nouns to Bolster Your Vocabulary

I've got a horrible feeling that I may have sent this to you earlier but what the heck!
I just love the cuteness and fun of getting these collective nouns into our language. And frequently try to introduce them into my day to day usage. Some of them are so interesting like 34 and 35. Every writer will love 49 eh? 
We've got few books on English lexicography and logophila. What I do is to keep them with me in the loo :) and pick up one or two words or collective nouns each day. Fun eh? 

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Michael Lyons
Collective nouns may seem like quirky ways to describe groups, but 500 years ago, they were your ticket to the in-crowd. Most collective nouns, or “terms of venery,” were coined during the 15th century. Many were codified in books of courtesy, like the 1486 classic Book of St. AlbansSt. Albans was a handbook for medieval gentlemen, and it contained essays on hawking, hunting, and heraldry. Appended to the hunting chapter sits a list of 164 collective nouns, titled “The Compaynys of Beestys and Fowlys.” (Contrary to the title, many terms actually describe people—a biting example of ye olde satire.)

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