Wednesday, October 28

Albert Einstein on the Secret to Learning

I might have shared this letter before kids but I thought you'd like reading this letter from Einstein. Fascinating how fathers keep wanting to pass on their lessons to their children. Kannu remember the book that we gave you? Lord chesterfield's letters to his son? These letter have an old history. So many men (curiously mostly men, not that many women) send letters to their kids. Down history. There's a letter written by a Roman soldier on a piece of sliced wood which was sent by him to his son. He was based in England while his son was in germanica. And for some reason the letter never got sent. But you can see that in the British museum. Fascinating indeed. To see how this kind of letter writing is common. 

And what Albert says is absolutely true. Best way to learn is to love what you learn. Then the time passes by without noticing. Although I don't think your baba will forget food even if he's doing things they he loves. Your Dadu does that. He forgets to eat. 

Anyway. Nice letter. Skype to you later son. The interview with Morgan Stanley will be easy :) we will prepare well. Me and Diya are waiting for the movie Martian to start. It was a fun day and more fun to come :) missing you and am looking forward to seeing you next weekend. 



Albert Einstein on the Secret to Learning
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In 1915 Einstein, who was then 36, was living in wartime Berlin with his cousin Elsa, who would eventually become his second wife. His two sons, Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard “Tete” Einstein were with his estranged wife Mileva in neutral Zurich.

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