Friday, October 16

Fwd: America dumbs down: a rising tide of anti-intellectual thinking


Here's an example of how people lose their arguments. A laudable objective. Stop war. I concur with that. I hate war as well. But the author forgets few things. That a state has to first and foremost keep its citizens safe and there are competing ideologies and missions which stop them from doing so. Think about the police. Why do you need them? 

Second is to make silly comparisons. Don't make an aircraft carrier and instead use the money to build water systems. Good. Whose going to pay for that? Running costs for the next 30 years? The American taxpayer will pay for the world's water system? There's that little matter of democracy to worry about. 

When people make arguments like this,, they cause more damage to their own cause. Just noise. 



America dumbs down: a rising tide of anti-intellectual thinking
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Bill Pugliano/Getty Images
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Furthermore: This US Memorial Day Remember War Is Murder

BY GLEN BARRY · MAY 25, 2014, Ecological Internet: We must stop glorifying war murders and their perpetrators, and demobilize globally in order to address the far greater threat of abrupt climate change and ecosystem collapse. Murder has not, nor will it ever, make us free.

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