Monday, November 2

The Gentleman’s Arsenal: 5 Things to Carry on a First Date

This was a tough one son. You're going on dates now so I'm sure you know the drill about never letting the lady pay, opening the door, waiting for her to sit down, offering your hand or arm, and perhaps never making the mistake of taking the lead. First dates are for the lady to take the lead son. She has to be comfortable and decide the pace at which she wants to progress the evening. Politeness will go a very long way indeed. Then again the current environment is strange. People these days confuse politeness with flirting. It's happened so many times that it bewilders me. But anyho. 

Be focused on her son. Don't talk rubbish and don't bang on about yourself. Too many men do that. Once in a while yes you obviously have to talk about yourself but the idea behind the first date is to make her comfortable and open up. She will most probably already know you. Women are like that. 

Compliments are good. I've told you many times about trying to sniff her. Discreetly of course. The scent of a woman is one of the most amazing ways to know her. 

I wish there was a way to carry a little rope and Swiss knife but that might be carrying the Boy Scout thing too far. But I carry all that in my bag :) 

Shoes son. You need to fix your shoes. They need to be highly polished and smart. They give you confidence. Gleaming shoes. You can see the quiet confidence of a gentleman whose wearing well shined shoes. 

And clean undies son. Vital. No tatty undies. You may get lucky and that's the kiss of death. Same goes for your socks. No holey socks :) 

I know you're rolling your eyes at my notes. Today when it's so busy and an interview, Baba is talking about first dates. He has no sense of priorities does he? :)

Best of luck son. You'll do well. If you don't know the answer, say so. Nobody expects you to know everything and you say sorry but good point. One topic for me to investigate more. 

Love you


The Gentleman’s Arsenal: 5 Things to Carry on a First Date
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opening door for woman

The First Date with a woman is your chance to display your charming and chivalrous side. While most acts of chivalry (like opening a door for your date or helping her to her seat) require only your thoughtfulness, moments will arise when you’ll need a tool to assist in your kindness. Below I’ve included a short list of items I recommend a well-armed gentleman having on him during a first date (or any time for that matter) that will prepare him for any situation and leave his date impressed.

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