Friday, January 1

Ananga Ranga of Kalyanam Malla

So I've been re-reading the Ananga Ranga son. It's not a book that's frequently mentioned in the annals of this genre of literature. You may have heard about the Kama Sutra which was written early in the first millennium. And that's quite famous. In a variety of ways. But basically son its classification gone mad. And bangs on about positions. No doubt you need to know about them. Just the missionary position is boring. But then some like it. And fine so be it.

But there's much more to physical love than just the act of coitus son.

A good physical relationship goes a very long way son. It brings you close together. The Sicilians call the moment of orgasm as the 'little death'. The tantriks like to go to meet God via sexual practises (I've got a very very interesting book on this including Hindu and Buddhist tantric practises).

But you have to work at it son. The key key key thing to remember is that in bed, it's not your pleasure which is important. It's your partners pleasure which is paramount. And you only enjoy when the partner enjoys as well. Never make it just about yourself.

The above mentioned table is an example. But I disagree that the way to keep a women happy is just restricted by age. Every girl whatever age likes attention and politeness. Flattery as well. Well not obsequious flattery. That's not real and girls are smart. They will look through it. But compliment them. Buy small things. Tiny things. The cost isn't important son. In fact the cost is a detractor. If it's low cost then you have spent your time thinking through the present. Any idiot can buy an expensive present son. And stay away from girls who just like expensive girls. They aren't the girls with whom you can establish a long deep meaningful relationship with.

Going back to the physical side. The whole body is a playground son. Remember that a butterfly kiss can be more erotic than a French kiss. A gentle kiss over the naked shoulder can be better than sex. A discreet thumb rub inside the palm can make her anticipate much more than any levels of 'wanna fuck baby?' THe whole body is to be explored. Slowly and gently. And yes sometimes hard and fast. But learn her eyes. Her breathing. The sssshhhhtttt sound through her clenched teeth when she comes is great. The eyes which open hugely after she's come full of love and bottomless depths and that lassitude in the body is a joy that few men achieve.

Do grab the book if you can. Not a big book. One additional benefit is that it comes with the symposium of Plato where Socrates and his friends talk about what's love.



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