Saturday, January 16

Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s Lessons Learned

So here's an article which I strongly disagree with. And also another reason why the USA will lose in the Middle East again and again. 
First of all, I absolutely hate this idea of national service and conscription. That's a clear violation of individual rights. So the general is talking out of his arse. 
Second, his recommendation for teams of teams is rubbish. Clearly shows that he has no idea about running a business. You need to make organisational life sustainable. You need governance. You need processes. You need technology and data. Teams of teams. Rubbish. This will work in very limited circumstances and for a limited period of time. 
And finally thinking that ISIS is a motorcycle gang just shows the man is a blithering idiot with no idea of history or Islam. For 1400 years, Islamic warriors and priests  have constantly tried to impose their views by force. Constantly. On their own people or on others or both. There hasn't been a single year in recorded history that this fight hasn't happened. The dream and desire for a caliphate. An idealised Jerusalem if you will and if you don't mind the pun. 
How did they get sorted? By giving them a right royal thumping. And then religiously thumping people who dare raise anything against secularism. All this education business is bollocks. Hasn't worked in 1400 years and will not work in the future. 
His views about China exhibit a shocking level of ignorance. He says it will become bigger than USA and to fix it we need to educate Americans? What? So China rose because of education? Bloody hell. The man is a moron. But people pay tons of money to listen to him. You can fool some people some of the time eh? 
Hope you're having fun son. I'm missing you :) 

Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s Lessons Learned
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