Friday, January 29

When a tiny group of people in southern Philippines kicked Spanish, American, Japanese and Filipino butt for centuries

This is an extraordinary story of a war of independence stretching over 400 years. The Moro in Southern Philippines have been fighting for independence against the Spaniards, then the Americans, then the Japanese, then the Filipinos (whom the Americans also helped again) and it is still going on.

this is a photograph of American soldiers at the massacre of hundreds of Moro civilians and soldiers, including very large number of women and children in the early part of last century.

Surprisingly, I learnt that the Americans asked for the help from the last Caliph in Turkey to help manage the insurrection. Like what the Americans did in Afghanistan, asked for help from Saudi Arabia and then Saudi's went and killed thousands in Afghanistan and also in 9/11. People who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. And we are still sucking  up to the Saudi's. We dont learn do we?

but they are still fighting for their independence, these Moro's have tenacity. you have to give them that.

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