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Stranded on the Island of the Blue Dolphins: The True Story of Juana Maria


You might be interested in this amazing story. I was just amazed reading the story. Can you imagine? Living on an island for so many years? Its so much like Robinson Crusoe (have you read about him? - that's a fictional story though) but this story was so fascinating. Living alone in an island for so long. Nobody to speak to at all. And as it happens, Juana lost the ability to speak, but she would sing. I dont feel bad for her, she obviously had her life and was fairly happy, if we can think so...but really interesting.


Stranded on the Island of the Blue Dolphins: The True Story of Juana Maria
Feb 3rd 2016, 11:00, by Erin Blakemore

San Nicolas Island is a hell of a place to get marooned. Part of the archipelago of the Channel Islands off the California coast, it's windswept and largely barren—so much so that the U.S. Navy considered it a candidate location for the first tests of the nuclear bomb. It has a modern nickname, though: the Island of the Blue Dolphins. And the woman who inspired this book by Scott O'Dell, the granddaddy of all young adult historical fiction, still confounds historians.
She confounded her contemporaries, too. In 1853, men discovered her on San Nicolas inside a hut made of whalebones and brush. She was wearing a dress made of cormorant feathers sewn together with sinew. She had been on the island by herself for 18 years.

A photograph of a Native American woman, believed to be Juana Maria, who was the last surviving member of her tribe, the Nicoleño.

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