Monday, May 2

future of physics

I found this article very thought provoking, because it not only looked back into the past but also tried to show what may happen in the future. A most fascinating article.

Physics in 100 Years Frank Wilczek March 27, 2015 MIT-CTP-4654 Abstract Here I indulge in wide-ranging speculations on the shape of physics, and technology closely related to physics, over the next one hundred years. Themes include the many faces of unification, the re-imagining of quantum theory, and new forms of engineering on small, intermediate, and large scales.

if you can, do read the entire article because for you, Kannu, it would be of intellectual interest. For you, Diya, it will help you base your history and sciences properly. Much of the maths is beyond me, but I did read up on several elements as much as I could and frankly it was spectacular…and of course, watching Big Bang Theory with the physicists in there made it even more interesting :)

Kannu, it was so nice speaking to you today, you looked so nice and handsome and I miss you horribly. I think you should come home and study at the Harrow College :)

have a lovely week son.



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